Monday, 7 May 2012

12/03/12 - Today we edited our new footage. prier to this we had to re film our classroom scene. but we found that we had to re film our dream scene as well because it was shot outside on two different days where the weather was sunny on one day and cloudy on the other. we finally decided to film the dream indoors to cancel out making this mistake again.

06/03/12 - today we continued with the editing of the class room scene. We came across some technical difficulties as the computers in the background were flashing constantly and it was taking effect away from the acting.

This is a nike basketball advertisement and one of our inspirations for are title sequence as it is a montage. 

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

02/03/12 - Today we recorded the rest of our footage. this was the dream scene where i was filmed taking an array of basketball shots from different angles. We got a lot of good footage but also a lot of bad footage that we will have to discard. But overall we have enough good footage to finish off our project.  
29/02/12 - Today we worked on the draft sketches for the titles. We thought doing all of the titles in orange would be sensible as orange would be affiliated with basketball.
27/02/12 - Today me and george looked back at the clips to see if we need more footage for the classroom scene. also jake worked on the call sheet this helped us distinguish how much time scenes took up. 

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

21/02/12 - Today we started filming, we filmed footage for the classroom scene. We then uploaded the clips onto the mac ready for editing.